Frequently asked questions

We rivet a unique stamped number plate to all Rupprigger series outriggers. The plate is located about 18” up from the bottom of the outrigger, on the main base tube. It is important to have this number available when calling to order replacement parts like cables, spreaders or replacement tube sections. Older “hard to read” plates are easier to read when wet. Note: Rupp Top Gun outriggers do NOT have serial number tags.

Yes! Rupp Standard Lift-Out, Tournament or BiggRigg series outriggers can be refitted with any of our PowerRigger packages.

We ship internationally almost every day of the week. Small outriggers such as our Top Gun series can ship either UPS or Priority Mail, we typically work directly with the customer to select the most economical shipping method. Large outriggers ship in 10-15 foot boxes and must ship via truck (LTL) shipments. We work with a number of carriers and shop to find the most economical shipping method. Large outrigger box shown below being prepared for transit.

See our maintenance guidelines in the Support>Diagrams & Instructions section of our website.
Our PowerRigger series require either 24v DC or 110v AC, depending on the package you purchase.


We offer a 12v DC system for smaller boats and smaller outrigger applications.


Call or email Rupp for more specific information on any of our hydraulic outrigger packages.
Because Sportfishing equipment is our CORE business.This narrow focus allows us to offer our customers with products of the highest quality at the best overall value.

Because we design and manufacture right here in the United States. We are not an ‘importer’ of Chinese goods. Everthing we sell is built by our employees here in Stuart, FL.

Because we stand behind our products 100%. Of course it is important that we have the best warranty in the business, see ‘Warranty’ link above, but we feel it is equally important to provide the best technical support and customer service available as well.

Because we have an extensive dealer base throughout the USA…. and the world. Go to the ‘Where To Buy’ link on our webpage to look for a dealer near you. If you prefer to purchase online you can do that as well by visiting our factory direct web store.

Because we can ship replacement parts the very same day you call. We rivet an ID number to all our Rupprigger™ series of products which enables us to easily identify your unique set of outriggers. No need for measuring, just have your outrigger “set number“ handy when you call us.

Because we have knowledgeable employees who are easily accessible. Call and you can speak with the people who actually make the products or to company management. (772) 286-5300.

Because no matter what size boat you own we have the perfect fit. Rupp is the only company in the world who can provide a full hydraulic outrigger system for the latest 100+’ custom sportfishing vessel as well as a simple gunwale or t-top mounted outrigger for its 18’ tender.

Because Rupp is the ‘supplier of choice’ for many of the world’s best custom and semi-custom boat builders. Viking, Rybovich, Merritt, Jim Smith, Whiticar, Jarrett Bay, American, Paul Mann, Bayliss, Pursuit, Tiara, Contender, Invincible, SeaVee, Scout, Boston Whaler, WorldCat…..and many more. All using Rupp products…because they deem them to be the best overall value for their customers!

These numbers were derived using a common “fish scale”.

Yes! See our support section for the most commonly referenced diagrams; others can be emailed to you by requesting them via phone or email. Contact with the serial number riveted to the base of your outrigger, see question#1 above for location.

Our experience is that the re-anodizing process is cost prohibitive. Additionally, even if the outriggers can be fully disassembled they are often hard to get back together once they are reanodized due to the tolerance changes associated with re-anodizing.

Tuning an outrigger refers to the practice of removing the (spreader style) outriggers from the boat and spinning them to ensure they are straight and the cables are properly adjusted.


Very similar to the spokes on a bike, properly adjusted cables are an important factor in keeping the system functioning well and greatly reduces the possibility of damage caused by excessive movement. We recommend worn cables and missing bushings be replaced at this time as well. Frequency of tuning depends on use but should be done at least once a year. Any of our dealers specializing in outrigger installation should be able to help you with this. Contact Rupp for a list of authorized dealers.

This is ultimately for you to negotiate with the installer and will depend on factors such as boat location, make, model and type of outrigger system. A rule of thumb is around $1000-$1,500 for large outriggers and $800-$900 for Top Gun products depending on how much labor is involved, outrigger ready boats can be considerably less. Hydraulic outrigger installations are typically only quoted after looking at the boat. For a list of approved installers please contact Rupp Marine at (772)286-5300.

We supply detailed installation instructions with each shipment. Our large outriggers require some expertise and basic tools; most prefer to have it done professionally.
Rupp Top Gun (T-top mounted) products can be easily installed, especially if the boat comes pre-rigged with a mounting plate

We are always looking for well established companies, especially those that offer installation services. We have openings in a few key domestic and International markets. Find a Rupp dealer application form here, or call and we can email you one.

No, Rupp Marine is the product manufacturer. We have a list of installation partners and dealers in your area who can install our product for you. We have traveling dealers who will pick up the product from our factory deliver, and install it for you. Email for an up-to-date listing.

Rupp Top Gun poles are designed to FIT INTO a 1.5” ID tube. Rupp poles can be sleeved to fit virtually any outrigger base currently available on the market. Advise our customer service department when placing your order, or select your base type from the drop down menu when ordering online.

Yes! All of our outrigger systems are built-to-order, so making slight modifications to fit a unique application can almost always be accommodated.

Yes. You can purchase products from our entire catalog directly from the factory by calling 772-286-5300 or 866-477-2678. A partial catalog of parts are available for purchase online by clicking the “online store” tab on our website header. Large “spreader style” outriggers are only available for purchase by contacting Rupp directly.

The main differences are the outside tube diameters, overall length and number of spreaders available. See our Rupprigger section of the website for more detailed information.

We recommend telescoping poles for individuals who:
a) Frequently trailer their boat.
b) Utilize rack storage.
c) Frequently remove outriggers for any reason.
d) Frequently utilize their vessels for uses other than fishing.
e) Frequently run at high speeds over long distances.

We have outriggers that will fit any size boat. Contact Rupp customer service via phone or email. You can also click here for some general guidance.

We have an extensive database from over 35 years of fitting our products to various vessels. We make our determination based on several factors.
a) Make, model and size of vessel.
b) Fishing location.
c) Your specific fishing style.
We recommend you reference our product selector page and call Rupp to discuss what product best suits you and your boat.

Manufacturers, producers and importers of sport fishing products such as rod holders, outriggers, downriggers and various other related products are responsible for collecting and paying Federal Excise Tax (FET) upon the sale of such goods. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services administers the wildlife and sport fish restoration programs and distributes funds to State fish and wildlife resource agencies. To find out if you qualify for an export exemption visit the website or call (772) 286-5300 to discuss with Rupp Marine customer service.

There are many brands of “ceramic nano coatings” currently on the market, most of these coatings have similar chemistry. The variation comes in how the surface is prepared and how the product is applied. Properly applied ceramic coating can improve the life of the anodizing by forming a ceramic barrier on top of the factory anodizing. However, if the coating is not applied correctly it can damage cables, leave streaks and flake off. Should you decide to protect your outriggers with a ceramic coating we recommend that you choose a reputable company that is familiar with how to coat outriggers. Contact Rupp for list of experienced companies.