Tournament Lift-Out Base

“Collapsible back bar is standard. Look and feel of Tournament outriggers!”

These bridge operated outriggers offer the versatility of lift-out poles, plus the same overall look of Rupp’s Tournament Ruppriggers™. All aluminum, two-piece constructions allows poles to be removed from the base for easy cleaning, storage and re-rigging.Collapsible back bars (CA-0000-CBB) are standard with Tournament Lift-Out Bases.

Tournament Lift-Out Bases include collapsible back bars and 2.00″ O.D diameter base tubes. Base tube length is 8 feet; available poles are 21’ single spreader or 26’ double spreader. (For overall length, add 8’ to pole size) Designed to accept Tournament Lift-Out Poles (1.75″ diameter.)

Lift-out bases can be screwed into the side of the boat or mounted to your tower, top or arch with optional clamp-on fittings.

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