Tournament Ruppriggers™ Outriggers

“The product that put Rupp on the map! Meticulous craftsmanship, user friendly design.” 

The exclusive made-for-action design of Tournament Ruppriggers feature cold-drawn stepped aluminum tubing assembled into a one-piece finished unit.

Rupp’s patented spreader assembly keeps all repairs minor and on-board. Available with either Silver or Gold hardware.

Add optional collapsible back bar assemblies for easy bridge clearance and outrigger cleaning. Now available with Heavy Duty Upgrades.

Sold as a complete package of poles and mounting hardware, Tournament Ruppriggers™ are available in a variety of lengths, from a single spreader at 27′ to a triple spreader up to 41’. Call and let us help you select the right system for your particular make and model.

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Tournament™ Outriggers

Ceramic Coating, Heavy Duty Upgrades, Collapsible Backbar